Faithful through the Fall.

What do sunrises, fall leaves, chirping birds, and gas pumps all have in common?

They all prove God’s faithfulness to me. I know…you’re thinking, “Gas pumps?” Hear me out.

Throughout my life, God has shown me in big and small ways that He is a God who provides…physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc. He is a God who commands the sun to rise and set every day, even if we don’t take notice. He is a God who is in the beautiful details of the changing leaves and seasons, regardless of our thoughts or desires. He is a God who is faithful to feed the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, no matter if we stop to throw them our crumbs or not. And He is a God who is faithful to provide fuel for our cars and a means to obtain it, even if we see it as an annoyingly expensive task.

I was walking my roommate’s dog the other morning and noticed the morning dew on the grass. Just like how God conducts the sunrise each morning regardless of who notices it, He provides the dew on the ground…a tiny detail that we often miss or overlook. How crazy is that though? Water droplets just magically appear on the ground every single morning, providing a refreshing start to the day.

“When the dew fell upon the camp in the night, the manna fell with it.” -Numbers 11:9

When the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, God rained down manna for them every day, just like the morning dew. They never had to worry about what they would eat. He knew their needs better than they did, so He provided just the right amount they needed each day. If they tried saving more for the next day, it would go bad. He wanted them to trust in His faithfulness. And faithful He was, even through their grumbling and complaining.


As the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to change colors (sadly, on a lesser scale in Texas), I am reminded that God is faithful through the changing of life’s seasons, even when we are not. His character is constant and never changes, even when we are grumpy and ungrateful. That’s huge! That means that God is always patient, kind, joyful, loving, and trustworthy, even when I am impatient, mean, angry, selfish, and anxious. So my feelings should have no sway when it comes to God’s character…but so often, I find myself believing these lies that all is lost and there is no joy to be had just because I had a rough day at work or a disagreement with a friend.

How sweet it is to have a God who is constant through life’s ups and downs. A God who stands secure in who He is and whom I can hold on to, no matter the emotional state I am in. A God who allows the fuel to flow through the gas pump even if I am grumbling and ungrateful for it. A God whose love for me is not dependent on my attitude or performance. He is forever faithful and worthy to be praised.


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