I’m going into ministry!

Say whaaaat?! (Read bold for highlights.)

Yup, it’s official. I’m leaving my industry for full-time ministry.

Since as young as middle school, I have had a heart for the marginalized people of society…the people who the world overlooks or takes for granted. I always found myself befriending the cleaning ladies in the cafeteria or feeling this strange draw to help the elderly people I saw in grocery stores. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to understand that this unexplainable draw towards these forgotten people was placed there by God. Why? Because He cares about them and He wants us to as well. I love that He allows us to have this tiny glimpse into His heart for the people around us.

Every time I see a service worker at a restaurant or a custodian in a bathroom, I feel a pull to say hello and at the very least thank them, preferably by name, for the work that they do. I want them to know that they are seen, they are noticed, they are appreciated, they are valued. I’ve experienced enough of these encounters to know that these invisible people are rarely greeted, let alone thanked. I truly believe that this desire inside of me comes from the heart of God and it humbles me to think that He lets me go out into the world and love people on His behalf.

This desire inside of me is what drew me to go to Uganda twice in the past two years to love on the orphans, widows, and former child soldiers affected by the wars there. This desire inside of me is what drew me to get involved in the brothels ministry that reaches out to prostitutes right here in Dallas.

And this desire inside of me is what drew me to pursue full-time ministry now! (Ahh, still so crazy!)

amazing and terrifying

I will be working with Loving All Peoples to recruit, train, and mentor people to love and reach those in some of the most unloved and unreached areas in Dallas, including refugees, prostitutes, and residents of lower-income neighborhoods. My team and I will be going into these communities to bring Christ’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance to them. Not because they are lesser than us but because they are equal to us and deserve the same amount of love, compassion, and attention that all of us do. And God’s heart is for them to know and believe that as much as it is for us to know and believe it!

The path I took to come to this conclusion was one I had to drag my feet down. God made it pretty clear a few months ago that He wanted me to quit my job to work for this non-profit, but it seemed so foolish to leave my corporate salaried job for full-time ministry. I requested clarity, direction, guidance, and confirmation, and over and over, God reassured me that if He was telling me to do this, then He would be the One doing it through me and I just had to do what He told me to do! The Wednesday after Memorial Day, I asked God to give me a sign if He really wanted me to take this path next, and the Thursday after Memorial Day, I was laid off from my job.


After the initial shock, I was immediately filled with peace and kinda laughed to myself. God, You are so funny! I literally just asked You the night before if I should quit my job to do ministry and now You’ve given me this answer. Got it! I rested in knowing that God’s plan for my life was all figured out and perfect, so I could trust Him even in the unknown. It was weird…it really was peace that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:6-7).

So now I’ve taken this leap of faith in obeying what I believe God has told me to do. I am excited and expectant to see what He is going to do through my time with this ministry, and I want to invite you to be a part of it! I’ve already started building a team that supports me prayerfully and financially and would be honored to have you on it! If you would like to come along with me on this new adventure and receive periodic updates, please leave your email in the comments or send it to me at sanglintakoon[at]gmail[dot]com. Please also subscribe to this blog, as I will hopefully be posting stories along the way here.

God has already miraculously provided 40% of my annual goal in a few short weeks!!

If you would like to support me financially (one-time donation or monthly donations) in this, you can do so through PayPal or make checks payable to “Vickery Meadow Ministry” and send to the address below. Please include my name in the notes section (Sang Lintakoon).

Vickery Meadow Ministry
P.O. Box 671127
Dallas, TX 75367

Donate Button with Credit Cards

*All donations are tax-deductible. If you make a donation, please include your email address for your tax receipt and so I can thank you! 🙂

I would be honored if you joined my team!! Yeaaaa, gettin’ it.


5 responses to “I’m going into ministry!

  1. Sang—I can’t think of a better person for a calling as big and important as this. You are definitely on the right path and I know how many people are going to be positively impacted by your work. I miss you and I am praying for you. Please add me to your update list: tara.anspach@gmail.com

  2. I would love to be included alivia.gray@gmail.com 🙂 love you friend.

  3. How exciting! Better buckle your seat belt!

  4. What an encouragement!!
    Please add me for future updates.
    I’d also would like more info on how to be part of this awesome ministry.

  5. Sang, this is absolutely amazing! He is faithful! I’m excited for you!! Please keep me updated- aaron.jagdath@gmail.com

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