Would you like to supersize that?

I’m sad that this exists:

Introducing…McDonald’s drive-thru play kitchen, for children ages 3 and up. It includes a food cart, soda cup, spatula, spoon, fork, knife, hotcake tray, cheese, nugget sauce, pickles, McFlurry, fries, fry box, ketchup packet, nuggets, hamburger, mustard packet, a Happy Meal box, a grill, a deep fryer, a soda fountain, and a McFlurry machine (“that makes realistic sounds”).

So now kids can practice flipping burgers and prepare themselves for a career in the fast food industry!

Oy. I understand that it would be fun to “prepare food” and serve it through those cool drive-thru windows, but man, has McDonald’s got a hold on our little ones! Whatever happened to the realistic kitchen playsets where kids could cut up veggies and prepare a meal on a stovetop for their parents?


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