Now: Cheaper logo. Next: Cheaper coffee. (please?)

Starbucks revealed its new logo today in honor of its 40th anniversary.

It’s basically the same logo but without the words. Simple, sleek, but really cheap. I get the whole word-less brand image, but I don’t think Starbucks is quite at Nike’s, McD’s, or Apple’s level yet. Plus, not every well-known brand needs to have an image-only look. Think Coca-Cola. It’s the font and company name that’s been branded. I’ve always associated the “Starbucks Coffee” green ring with the company, not the siren inside the ring. This new logo takes the class out of Starbucks. Let’s hope this isn’t another Gap logo fail…


2 responses to “Now: Cheaper logo. Next: Cheaper coffee. (please?)

  1. I agree, not a good move!

  2. Kinda late but just read this – my two cents on this:

    1. Yesss it’s definitely cheaper to print! One less color!
    2. Did you also notice the thinner cup sleeves launched since then?
    3. Green & lean? Top driver, $$$$$$$ savings… It’s ok though, I dig it as a supply chain mangement major.

    At first I wasn’t feeling that new logo at all… But my eyes have gotton accustomed to it after two + months. Have to say that it actually works against the backdrop of updated Starbucks print materials & products.

    And I think they emitted the word “COFFEE” from their logo so they can branch out to other things… perhaps tea? alternative drinks? gourmet baked goods? Should be interesting to see.

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