I’m a #7, for sure.

Family, friends, faith, food, fun — The important things in life.

Oh, and Facebook.

According to Barry Schnitt, a spokesman for the popular social networking site, “The Facebook profile picture is akin to selecting your own passport photo. It travels with you wherever you go throughout the site, like a stamp every time you post on a friend’s wall or update your status. But unlike the dreadful passport photos most of us hide until the customs official requires us to present our far-from-glamorous portraits, you decide how you want to present yourself to the Facebook world. It’s the ultimate form of self-expression.”

Nick O’Neill from Allfacebook.com agrees, “The profile photo is probably the single most important component for personal expression. That’s why studying our profile photos will often reveal what is most important to us.”

O’Neill went on to create a list of the 30 standard Facebook profile photo styles, which Marisa Taylor from the Wall Street Journal added to. Here are some of my favorites from their lists:

1. I’ve Got a Mac (and know how to mess around in Photobooth and take a four-color Andy Warhol photo of myself)
2. I’m a Photographer (as evident by the large SLR camera in front of my face)
3. I’m a Family Man (here I am featured laughing with my children)
4. I Love My Pet (featured with an animal)
5. Mirror Shot (usually half naked if a guy…or girl)
6. Me as A Baby (tell me I’m cute!)
7. I’m a Jokester (here I am with a crazy outfit on, making a weird face, anything to make you laugh!)
8. Professional Headshot (if I pretend like I use Facebook seriously, maybe I’ll get a job through it)
9. I have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend (see? here is a photo of me with my significant other in case you don’t believe me)
10. I’m Artsy (up close, I-will-only-show-you-half-my-face-but-this-photo-is-artistic-and-meaningful)
11. I’m Outdoorsy (here I am posing on top of a giant mountain, which I climbed…barefoot)
12. I’m Athletic (here I am flying through the air on skis, about to finish a marathon, and headbutting a soccer ball…all at the same time)
13. I’m Musical (here I am jamming out on my guitar and singing into a microphone while sweat drips off my face)
14. I’m an Alcoholic (here I am guzzling down a beer with 23423 of my closest friends whose names I don’t remember)

And that’s not even half the list…so I guess it can’t really be a standard if there are so many varieties, eh? Still funny, nevertheless!


One response to “I’m a #7, for sure.

  1. haha, agreed! i’m 2! this is funny and somewhat true. :]

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