Calling all creepers!

Photography has taken on a whole new level of creepiness. Introducing, the right angle spy lens. Yes, the name even has the word “spy” in it. Observe.

For a mere $30, Opteka’s all-new lens attachment points the camera one way and shoots the other way. The product description?

“People will think you are shooting somewhere else. This lens can be a valuable asset when shooting video (or still pictures) at the beach, pool, and other public places.”

That is verbatim, straight off of Amazon. I can’t believe it! They are trying to justify stalking…all in the name of “good photography.” If you’re going to take a picture of strangers, just ask them for permission! Or openly creep on them with a normal camera because I can’t even imagine how much worse it’ll be when they catch you creeping with one of these lenses…


One response to “Calling all creepers!

  1. hahahahha oh my goodness! that is creepy. ahhhhh. but sadly, i know where they are coming from. like whenever i photograph my friends they change once they know i’m taking a picture of them or run away. luckily with dSLRs it’s easier to capture things as long as you’re quick. =p

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